componenti della pomap sommersa da 4 pollici
Details Material
Suction casing Industrial alloy brass
Delivery casing
Shell AISI 304
Screen and wire cover AISI 4302 B
Anti-wearrings and screws AISI 304
Shaft AISI 430 F
Coupling ausornd bush AISI 304
Body diffusor Thermoplastic P.P.O.
Impellers Plicarbonato P.C.
Diffusors Thermoplastic P.P.O.
Bushing Synthetic
Bushing bracket Thermoplastic P.P.O.

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Submersible water pump - Electrical submersible pump for water drainage. Particularly suitable in civil and industrial water systems as a drainage system. Electric submersible pump. Submersible sewage pump/sump pump for drainage. Particularly suitable in civil and industrial water systems, for non aggressive liquids, even with suspended solids and for basement drainage. Hand-carry submersible automatic water pumps in stainless steel. Can be used as a basement sump pump and is able to drain infiltrating water, cellars or resevoirs, clean or slightly dirty water and for lawn irrigation. Prima pompe produces mainly submersible pumps that include industrial pumps as well as well pumps for civil use. Sandfighter electric submersible pumps can be used for irrigation systems. Electrical submersible pump Sandfighter is irrigation system equipment. The Sandfighter's submersible motor casting is in stainless steel. Site Map